Thank you for your interest in the Park Royal Community Association (PRCA). If you are already a member, thank you! To renew your membership, click on the “Buy now” PayPal link at the bottom of this page.

If you are a new member, review this page to get a better understanding of the benefits of membership and how your membership fee is spent.

At just $5 per year, the membership fee is very affordable for individuals, but together membership fees help build a strong residents’ organization and fund the work of the PRCA to fulfill our mandate:

Provide community awareness and promote an engaged Park Royal neighbourhood that is empowered to shape its future.

Benefits of membership include an organized and engaged community, ability to control some of what happens in our neighbourhood, and having strength in numbers!

The PRCA reaches out to its members via email when the municipal government requires information from residents for things such as, but not limited to, community funding grants, upgrades to local infrastructure, and rezoning and development proposals. Input from PRCA members is used in feedback to the government and helps to shape the community.

Where does your $5 go? It goes towards the PRCA newsletter that is delivered to your door four times per year. It also goes towards the minimal expenses involved in events hosted by the PRCA, such as the community-wide garage sale, Earth Day community clean-up, local all-candidates debates for municipal, provincial and federal elections, community social nights and more. 

Register and pay online with PayPal:

Whether you are renewing your membership, or joining for the first time, complete the PayPal form linked to below. Your contact information will be used to record your membership and you will receive a confirmation email shortly after submitting payment.


If you prefer to pay by cheque, write your full name, address, phone number and email address on a piece of paper and enclose a cheque payable to “Park Royal Community Association” in an envelope labelled PRCA and deposit the envelope in the mailbox at 1515 Thetford Court.

Make a donation to the Park Royal Community Association with PayPal:

If you would like to support the work that the Park Royal Community Association does in our community, please consider making an extra donation. We are keeping our membership fee at $5 per year to keep the association inclusive, however, extra monetary donations would really help the PRCA expand the work, events, and advocacy that we do.

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