In order to maintain the early history of the Park Royal community, residents are welcome to contribute early neighbourhood photos, diagrams of the original land development, or other mementos. The Park Royal Community Association (PRCA) Board is working with Heritage Mississauga to develop a heritage program for the Park Royal community.

Your contribution would be helpful and would provide a sense of continuity to future generations. Please contact the PRCA Board for further information at

  1. I work for the Mississauga arts council and we will be putting a anti graffiti wrap on the alectra utility box on wiseman court at Southdown Rd. This is part of our boxes and banners neighbourhood identity project grant from celebrate Ontario 150. We would appreciate your input in the design of this utility box. Pictures,stories, etc that reflect the area’s 150 year history would be welcome. We would also like to invite you to the reveal once we have all the details in place. Mention on your website, newsletter and social media would also be welcomed and appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration. Helen Harris. Mississauga arts council. 905-615-4278

  2. I had the sign in my possession for 30 years. In that time it lived an interesting life. It was found at my sister in laws back yard under a shed. My husband had it sand blasted.
    I returned back to the city 4 years ago. Or perhaps a bit longer.

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