Just before midnight on October 26, 2017 four thieves who had their faces covered, at least two of them armed with knives, robbed a pizza delivery worker in the area of a residential building near Truscott Drive and Bodmin Road.

Then just before 10 p.m. on November 1, 2017, again in the area of Truscott Drive and Bodmin Road, four men in hoodies with their faces covered and armed with knives robbed another pizza delivery worker.

Although neither incident led to any injury, cash was taken in both incidents. Peel Police believe that the same men carried out both incidents.

“Peel Police at 11 Division have assured me that they are taking these crimes seriously and have a team of investigators working on them,” says Ward 2 City Councillor Karen Ras.

If you are aware of a crime that occurs in Park Royal please inform the Park Royal Community Association at prcaboard@parkroyalca.org so we can follow up with Peel Regional Police to help keep the community informed.

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