PRCA Board President Chris Ganowski

The Park Royal Community Association (PRCA) Annual General Meeting for 2019 was held at the Clarkson Community Centre on Wednesday, October 9th.

Over 20 PRCA members, residents and guests attended the meeting, which began with a report from the Board president Chris Ganowski. Chris presented the revised PRCA mission statement:

“To provide community awareness and promote an engaged Park Royal neighbourhood that is empowered to shape its future.”

Newly revised PRCA mission statement

Chris then walked through a presentation that explained the components of the statement and how it represents the work done by the PRCA. He also spoke about upcoming events that the Association is planning, including organizing a local all-candidates debate for the Federal election, a food drive to support the Compass food bank, a social event at the Temple Bar and a Christmas lights contest.

PRCA Treasurer Dorothy Syer
PRCA Board Treasurer Dorothy Syer

Board Treasurer Dorothy Syer presented the financial report, stating that the PRCA was in strong financial standing having prudently kept expenses lows while maintaining income streams from membership fees and newsletter advertisements. Dorothy noted that the PRCA finished the financial year with a modest, but substantial, reserve of funds.

The 2019-20 slate of PRCA Board Directors was presented for voting. The slate was accepted in a unanimous vote.

Chris Ganowski (President)

Dorothy Syer (Treasurer)

Trevor Isaac (Director)

David Field (Director)

Derek Chaves (Director)

Michele McDonald (Director)

Tom Piribauer (Director)

Cynthia Todd-Diakiw (Director)

Mississauga Ward 2 Councillor Karen Ras
Mississauga Ward 2 Councillor Karen Ras

Mississauga Ward 2 Councillor Karen Ras spoke next, walking through a presentation that covered topics such as community safety, the regional governance review, coyotes, traffic calming measures and the Nine Creeks trail.

An informal question and answer period followed with PRCA members and residents asking Councillor Ras questions and discussing local issues and concerns.

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