2620 Chalkwell Close 180 townhouse proposal

The Park Royal Community Association received notification on October 19, 2023 from Ward 2 Councillor Alvin Tedjo that there is a proposal to build 180 back-to-back townhouses that are three storeys in height on a private condominium road at 2620 Chalkwell Close (the site of the former Elmcrest Public School).

Councillor Tedjo noted that the application is under review and that no decision has been made. The applicant has made preliminary engagements with the City of Mississauga and has not formally submitted an application.

Councillor Tedjo will be hosting a virtual Community Engagement Meeting to discuss the proposal to amend the Official Plan and Zoning By-law at 2620 Chalkwell Close. This meeting will be held:

Tuesday, November 21, 2023 from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

The Park Royal Community Association will update the information on this website as soon as we learn more about this development. We have also posted links with more information on the community meeting hosted by Councillor Tedjo and how to register online.

UPDATE: This event remains virtual, however, Councillor Tedjo organized a place for residents to meet in person at Lorne Park Hall at 1288 Lorne Park Road to participate in the virtual meeting. This eliminates the need for participants to download WebEx and connect on their own. It provides no additional access to the councillor, his staff, or the developer. Residents interested to attend at Lorne Park Hall may arrive as of 6:15 p.m. The Lorne Park Hall event will be attended by a Park Royal Community Association volunteer to help facilitate the technology. If a resident wishes to attend but does not have transportation, please reach out to the PRCA board.

One of the goals of the Park Royal Community Association is to act as a liaison between the City and the Park Royal community to provide information, listen to concerns and communicate them back to the City and the Councillor when developments such as this are proposed. We encourage you to become a member of the Park Royal Community Association to help us keep you informed. Please reach out to us anytime at prcaboard@parkroyalca.org.

  1. Do we know what’s happening to the park that is there? I don’t see it on the plan. Does this mean this plan excludes the park?

    • Hello Judith, great question. I just spoke with the City of Mississauga planning department and they said that the preliminary application is only seeking to develop the Elmcrest Public School property owned by Dunpar. There are no requests to modify Sandgate Park. I was told that the community services department will be requested to comment on the formal proposal.

      • Good evening David. Thank you for the update. Last week I added a comment regarding local residential concerns but it was never published or responded to. The residents of truscott, lockhart and karenza have some questions if you could reach out.

        • Hello Robert, apologies on taking time to approve the comments. The website receives a lot of spam comments, so they get easily missed. Please feel free to ask any questions here or directly to the Park Royal Community Association board at prcaboard@parkroyalca.org. I don’t know if we’ll have all the answers, but we’ll work to get them from the city or developer. In my last conversation with the planning department at the City of Mississauga I was told there was no request to make any changes to Sandgate Park (other than put 180 townhomes right beside it).

  2. Just received a notice in our mailbox regarding 180 units proposed to be built on the former school site. So many things wrong with this project from an infrastructure/traffic/support services level that developers don’t consider. However, I do hope we have more solid answers and full support from the Coucillor and the support of the Association to preserve the Sandgate Park. It’s a vital component to many of the residents and children in the area.

  3. I truly hope they either leave the park alone, or update it to a more modern, children’s playground. I have lived in Park Royal my entire life, only moving from Chalkwell Close to Sandgate Cres and my grandkids LOVE playing at the park / playground. While the need to grow is understood, not everything has to be torn down and replaced by brick and mortar, or turned into a roadway. Residents will have enough to contend with, with the added traffic volume on a normally quiet street. PLEASE LEAVE THE PLAYGROUND FOR OUR CHILDREN!

    • Well said Lorraine!!!
      Agree ???? and so do all the neighbors.
      Unfortunately the upcoming meeting is virtual only. Alot of the residents are not that familiar with online platforms.
      It’s unfortunate that this isn’t also an in person event at clarkson community centre.

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