The Region of Peel is continuing the replacement of watermains, water services and fire hydrants throughout Ward 2. The current infrastructure is outdated and requires frequent repairs and some areas have experienced low water pressure. The Region is also installing new transmission watermains to enhance security of water supply to the South West Mississauga water system.

Assignment A started in November 2016, and the contractor has completed watermain installation on Benedet Drive, Birch and Poplar Crescents and Vey Road. Work continues on Tredmore Drive, Harman and Selord Courts, and Playford Road and will be complete in the Fall of 2017.

Assignment B is in the industrial park northwest of Erin Mills Parkway and the QEW. This work will include a tunnelled crossing of the QEW and tunnelling work on Benedet Drive. The anticipated construction timeline is from late 2017 to Spring of 2019. North Sheridan Way will be closed, and Benedet Drive will be reduced to one lane with southbound traffic for a period of approximately five to six months.

Assignment C will be located along the multi-use trail in Kodgadywin Park between Benedet Drive and Southdown Road. The construction will commence in Spring 2018 and be complete by Spring 2019. The multi-use trail will be temporarily closed for the duration of construction.

Assignment E includes watermain construction on the following residential streets: Wiseman Court, Ludbrook Court, Bray Court, Thetford Court, Hartington Court, Nigel Road, Utley Road and Agora Road and Canford Crescent. It will also include a pressure zone boundary adjustment and will result in pressure increases for area residents. Construction of this project will begin in September 2017 and works are anticipated to be completed by Spring 2018.

Assignment F includes watermain construction along Southdown Road from South Sheridan Way to Wiseman Court. Construction is set to begin in October 2017, and will be complete in the Fall of 2018. Lane reductions on Southdown Road will cause some disruptions to traffic.

While we are working to minimize the impacts of construction, residents should continue to expect traffic disruptions, lane closures and reduced on-street parking while the watermain construction work progresses. Once the work has been completed all streets will be paved and any disturbed areas will be restored.

The Region has received funding under the Federal and Provincial Government’s Clean Water and Wastewater Fund (CWWF) for Assignments E and F.

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