The City of Mississauga Planning and Building Department has received an application submission for the development of 2620 Chalkwell Close (the old Elmcrest Public School location) from Dunpar Homes.

As of February 28, 2024, the City of Mississauga has determined that the application from Dunpar Homes is not complete. Therefore, the 120-day process for City staff to review the application and provide the Planning and Development Committee with the recommendation has not begun yet.

There are no scheduled meeting dates at the City of Mississauga regarding the application at this time.

To prepare for this upcoming development submission for 2620 Chalkwell Close the Park Royal Community Association is encouraging all Park Royal community members to join our 2620 Chalkwell Close Committee. There is no cost to join and membership within the Park Royal Community Association is not required (although support from members does make this non-profit organization stronger in representing issues with the City of Mississauga).

Please join our 2620 Chalkwell Close Committee so that our community can have the strongest response possible when this development application is submitted. The detailed information collected is only to ensure all 2620 Chalkwell Close Committee members live in Park Royal.

2620 Chalkwell Close Development – Park Royal Community Association Community Committee

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  1. When you search the Property Information on the City of Mississauga website, you will see that the Assessment Code is “Residential Development Plan”. So City of Mississauga has changed the land from a school zone to “residential” and the next step is approval of the developer’s proposed building plan which will ultimately be approved by the City of Mississauga.

  2. To change the use of School to residential can be included big corruption. I hope government of Mississauga can pay some attention on this matter. As a neighbour of this area, I prefer keep the park as it is to provide nice environment and fresh air for this whole community. Our neighbour has noticed this for a while and will keep monitoring it till get into lawsuit stage.

  3. I did talk with our councillor and it was revealed that Lorne Park had a school close and the community got to keep it as a Park. It seems the developments are for our area only. Seems like favouritism to me. We should ask for a community meeting with our councillor .

  4. As a person who involved in construction myself I stand against this development. We don’t need more housing in this area, we need more recreational areas. This place good be a great dog park plus expanded children playground. Not only it’s a great opportunity to meet your neighbours, but also kids will have a chance to interact with dogs. Some space can be allocated for parking lot.

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